Peter Thurin & Rob Hartnett

Peter Thurin & Rob Hartnett

Peter Thurin and Rob Hartnett  


“Get in the game, anything is possible”

Rob Hartnett, author of It’s All Possible and host of the It’s All Possible Podcast and Peter Thurin, author of The A-Z of Easy to Do ! have pooled their extensive and contemporary leadership expertise to inspire and accelerate you and your people to imagin what’s possible and then take action to get in the game and make it happen. Their work covers inspirational speaking sessions, leadership development programs, team building and business alignment sessions. Rob & Peter have extensive global and local experience working with business leaders, c-suite, business owners and their teams in the areas of sales, marketing, distribution and people development. Their industry experience covers IT&T, Banking, Wealth Management, Financial Services, Logistics, FMCG, Healthcare, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.

Get in the game, make it happen. 

In a series of no-holds barred, authentic and insightful sessions to global and local audiences Peter and Rob inspire and accelerate audiences into this new normal with a change in mindset to rise to its challenges and be remarkable in this new world.


– The 5 things you need to do right NOW

– The 3 things you need to do NEXT

– The 2 things you need to KEEP DOING to survive and thrive in the new world

Most importantly, learn why all of these things are easy to do and how what happens next – good or bad – is YOUR CHOICE.

The Power of Possibility & How Successful People Think