Extended DISC & Assessments

Extended DISC & Assessments

Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis,

Competency Assessments & Leader 360

For Assessing behavioural analysis we use Extended DISC. Extended DISC is a cloud based application of the DISC Assessment with the following differences. It provides natural and adjusted styles and provides guidance on how to identify and adapt your own style to work and communicate more effectively with colleagues, customers and collaborators. Our reports can be fully customised with your organisations logo’s and look. 

By using Extended DISC, you and your team can:

  • Improve recruitment by employing the right person with the best characteristics for the role;
  • Improve individual performance of your team members by better understanding their strengths, motivators, development areas, and the management style they respond to best. You can also identify the areas where they can make the greatest gains in the shortest time – a great starting point for discussion;
  • Improve team dynamics by looking at the behavioural style of a team as a whole.
  • Understand where gaps exist and where the key strengths lie.

Competency Assessments

Sales Competency

From the same team that brought Extended DISC we offer Sales 18 which measures Sales Capability of B2B Sales People against 18 Key Capabilities needed to throve in today’s competitive market. 

Elite Sport Competency

We also measure Elite Sports Competency Assessments mapped against 18 Key Competencies developed at World Champion & Olympic Level.  Please contact us for more details.

Critical Thinking Assessments

We have a number of Critical Thinking Assessments available to cover a variety of roles in an organisation. With the increase in data based decision making this is a skill that is increasing in demand. Where do your people sit?

Leadership Assessments

We use The Maxwell Leadership Assessment designed by the world’s number one leadership expert Dr. John C Maxwell for assessing 64 leadership attributes and assessing against Dr Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership. The Maxwell Assessment helps leaders improve their leadership intelligence and become more effective 360 degree leaders.


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