Sales Training & Workshops

Selling Strategies International (SSI) is an internationally accredited Miller Heiman consultancy providing the leading sales processes, skills and knowledge of the Miller Heiman Organisation which they have developed over 30 years involvement in global sales training. In 2008 SSI was the fastest growing Miller Heiman consultancy in Asia Pacific and in 2010 was the number one global Miller Heiman consultancy. A first for a non USA based consultancy.

This close association with Miller Heiman allows us access to a global network of accredited sales training facilitators which results in consistent training techniques and processes being able to be rolled across whole organisations efficiently and effectively. We run private coaching sessions for organisations and also run a public program as well.

Our Programs can be delivered the following way

  • Online
  • Class Room Led
  • Online/Class Room Blended
  • Webinar Based

We also craft programs to fit in with client requirements such as putting together a sales workshop to an audience to fit in with a international client conference which resulted in the training of almost 500 people in one day using multiple facilitators from multiple countries.

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Conceptual Selling®

Practical Call Planning Strategies for Complex Sales

Our Conceptual Selling® process helps organizations and individuals sell more effectively by aligning the way they sell to the way their customers buy. It is especially helpful for organisations transitioning from a product-led sale to a solution-led sale.

Conceptual Selling® requires salespeople to first understand their customers’ issues – what they are trying to accomplish, fix or avoid – and then jointly develop solutions. This consultative approach builds credibility and trust, and solutions that are difficult for competitors to replicate.

It also gives an organization a common process and language for planning each customer interaction. For example, the process helps a salesperson create “valid business reasons” to open doors with new prospects and then identify important information and commitments from the customer to move the sale forward.

The rigor and consistency that comes from this discipline ensure a high level of professionalism, facilitate effective sales management, and dramatically increase the odds of winning the business.

Large Account Management Process SM (LAMP®)

Strategic Planning to Protect and Grow Key Accounts

Today, strategic customer accounts are the most important assets for a successful business. To survive in the current volatile business climate, all companies, regardless of industry or size, must focus on protecting those crucial assets. Strategic accounts aren’t just the top revenue-generators; they may include smaller companies offering strong growth potential or unprecedented access to new markets.

Our Large Account Management Process (LAMP®) helps companies achieve a consistent approach to protecting and growing their strategic accounts by bringing the entire relationship into view. This involves first identifying all key players within the strategic account, trends and opportunities impacting their business, and your strengths to help the customer. Then the focus turns to evaluating the current state of your relationship with the key account and where you need to move that relationship to realise your long-term objectives. Based on this assessment, you create consensus and action plans among your account team to move the relationship forward.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then LAMP® may be the right solution.

  • Blind-sided by the loss of a key account
  • Need to collaborate across the enterprise to unlock the potential of strategic accounts
  • Desire to transition from “vendor” to “strategic advisor” to key accounts
  • Need insurance against the loss of a key account manager or key sponsor within a key account
  • Desire to reverse erosion and start growing revenue within key accounts
  • Achieve (revenue) growth objectives set by the executive team

“The idea of using a spreadsheet for large complex accounts to better understand the sales process was extremely valuable. The course didn’t try to teach me how to sell, which I appreciate as I have been selling for 17 years. What I do find valuable is putting on paper the complexities involved in selling to a large, national account in order to ensure that I have uncovered/recognized all areas where information may be unknown.”

Sales Executive, Insurance

Channel Partner Management SM

Aligning objectives and building commitment for optimal channel partner relationships

Channel Partner Management helps organisations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their channel relationships. By focusing on mutually beneficial partnerships and win-win strategies, the program helps businesses take their channel relationships to the next level.

Sharing the same goals and recognizing value from the relationship facilitates the alignment of strategies with the channel, gains commitment, minimizes vulnerabilities, and defines clear, actionable partnership goals. The Channel Partner Management process helps to implement a viable action plan to set expectations, focus resources to maximise return on investment and move these relationships toward mutual profitability.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then Channel Partner Management may be the right solution.

  • Inconsistent commitment among channel partners to your business
  • Revenue growth from channel partners below expectations
  • Low return on investment for resources allocated to a channel partner
  • Better visibility into opportunities brought forward by partners

Funnel ScoreCard®

A consistent, accurate opportunity evaluation and loss review process

Funnel ScoreCard® helps sales organizations quickly and systematically identify the best opportunities to pursue, providing fact-based decisions around resource allocation and time management.

We help clients develop objective evaluation criteria by helping them understand the key factors impacting their ability to win deals and their relative importance. We then help them validate this “score card” by looking at previously won business and updating it on an on-going basis.

Once clients have a valid ScoreCard, they can quickly rank and prioritize which opportunities to pursue and why. By separating the good sales opportunities from the bad, sales leaders and their sales force can improve forecasting, strengthen funnel integrity, and allocate the right time, energy, and resources to the right sales objectives.

No longer are opportunities subject to guesswork. Salespeople understand immediately where they stand with each opportunity in the funnel, and forecasting becomes more precise. And, even when you don’t win, Funnel ScoreCard® also facilitates the loss review process so you can better institutionalize learning and refine your success criteria moving forward.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then Funnel ScoreCard® may be the right solution.

  • Allocating investments and resources to deals with the highest probability of winning
  • Improving sales forecasting
  • Implementing an objective loss review process
  • Holding people accountable for highly resourced deals

Negotiate Success SM

Win-Win Sales Negotiations that Strengthen Customer Relationships

Many people approach negotiations as if something gained by one party must be taken away from another. However, these individuals miss the chance to create value because they want to “get what is mine”. Adding value to your negotiation is more likely to produce a win-win outcome for both parties. If you don’t negotiate value, the deal becomes a decision based on price – and any price is too high.

Our Negotiate Success program helps senior executives and sales professionals improve their negotiating skills through a customer-focused, win-win process. It presents a simple, easy-to-follow blueprint that makes clear what effective negotiators actually say and do. Selling and negotiating happen simultaneously and include goal-setting, persuasion, problem-solving and decision making. By seeing and understanding things from the other person’s perspective, sales professionals can work in a joint fashion and create agreements that satisfy both parties’ critical interests. This joint venture approach builds trusting relationships with customers and strengthens the company’s position for future opportunities.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, Negotiate Success may be the right solution.

  • Heated negotiations that damage relationships with key customers
  • Haggling with customers over price at the close
  • Being asked to discount price without being given reciprocal value