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Sales is a role that is often misinterpreted and often the subject of bad press yet it is one of the most important professions and certainly one of the most rewarding for those who are successful at it. Firstly let me say this. Sales is a noble profession. The definition of a professional is someone who continues trains and invests in their career. Sales is a role that demands constant investment in learning. Learning about communication skills, selling strategy, client buying patterns, the products and services you market.

Many people hire what they think are sales people however they turn out to be no more than professional order takers. Order takers have a role too but mostly there role today is being taken by a website or e-commerce engine. True sales is where you work with another person or persons to demonstrate that the value of your products, services or solution to them outweighs the investment they have to make to acquire it. Negotiation typically follows the sales process and is the amount of value you get to keep from that transaction. Above all whether you are selling complex technology to Rio Tinto or products at a Pharmacy you need to approach each and every sale from a win- win perspective. This means you need to approach every transaction with the view that is your solution or what they are asking for is not a good match for you or them you will not proceed and withdraw elegantly. The reason for this is that in over 25 years in sales and marketing I have never met a business owner or sales professional who has not got at least some clients they wish they didn’t. Win Win works but not every opportunity represents win win and its the experienced sales professionals who can pick them better than most that end up with better clients and not surprisingly more time to spend with them.