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Many times I have jumped in heart first when I read about a companies culture and the view of the leadership and where they were taking their organisation. I was so excited and filled with passion to work with the views of an overseas leader or celebrity CEO that many times I failed to ask are these views aligned to my local leadership or my local boss. I was reminded of this blind following the other day while out cycling in a popular area in Melbourne. There was a rider ahead of me who looked quite experienced by his bike and kit and I assumed he was heading to the same destination as me. There are a couple of options to get to this destination and one was new to me. When I saw him turn off onto this less familiar option I thought, great he can show me the way. As is customary we shared the lead on the more open roads but then the environment became unfamiliar to me and it suddenly occurred to me I had not actually checked with my new riding companion and leader that he was actually going where I was going. As I was mulling over this scenario he waved me past and said “thanks for the wheel mate this is my house, have a good ride”. Have a good ride I thought. What The! Where too from here?

Luckily the iPhone and Google are useful in a tight spot and I was able to navigate my way back to my destination and I did enjoy the ride. But it does make you think. How many of us have worked for or are working for leaders who have never really explained the Why but only the What or the How (and sometimes not even the How). Simon Sinek has been going on about this for years and he is dead right and still some leaders don’t get it. But then again have the employees asked. It goes both ways. When was the last time your values were misaligned with your leader or even the leader of leaders? Our values and our principles are the most important thing we have and it can be very stressful and incredibly unproductive when we feel these are not aligned with leadership.

So what to do? Well if you are a leader don’t assume your people understand your values, your ethics and know your direction. In John Maxwell’s book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” he makes the point that being an effective leader takes effort. I know this sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many leaders assume their people understand them and their direction by sending out an email or assuming corporate comms will do it. Social Styles such as Extended DISC can also assist a leader with the various communication styles that may be required for their team members to thoroughly understand their values, direction and the Why as well as the What. Its too expensive to leave to chance. I was lucky to serve under some wonderful leaders like the late Lew Platt, CEO & President of Hewlett-Packard. Lew used to do a quarterly call to all 145,000 employees and then backed this up with slide deck. If Lew could do it so can any other leader and he did not even have the luxury of tools like Skype, Salesforce Chatter or Cloud Video.

If you are an employee and you are unsure that your leaders are heading in the same direction as you, or you feel your values or direction may be misaligned or becoming misaligned then ask for some time with your leader to understand these. Too many people wake on Monday and accept their day rather than lead their day. Too many people are going through the motions to get through the week or doing it just for the money. I get that but I also know you can’t do it for long especially when your values start to be compromised.

As a leader it becomes a bigger issue because your people are not motivated, energised and focused and therefore you will never get the best from them. You will never develop future high value leaders and your customer service will be impacted. If you are in doubt check how your internal NPS score and Customer NPS are aligning. I can assure you if your own people would not recommend the solutions they are supposed to be providing then your customers will not be getting the best levels of sales and service. So remember that great song by Lenny Kravitz “Are you going my way” and check in with your leader from time to time and leaders check in with your people, especially during these times of disruption and change to ensure you are all going to the same destination.




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Today we are seeing change at a pace not seen before. Many new leaders are being appointed and thrown in the deep end and its literally sink of swim. Some sales leaders I have seen are given a quarter to make their numbers or its into the next person. Its not healthly, but its often reality. When I see this behaviour I know its not the new leader where the work needs to happen but the leader of leaders.

Many so called leaders and even leader of leaders are not leaders and often confuse the roles of leadership and management. Both are vital to business success but they are very different in approach. My experience has been an abundance of KPI driven, tick the box managers and a vacuum of true leadership in the business world today. Yes compliance and regulations have driven some of this cadence but it should not come at the expense of true, inspirational leadership.

Why is this given we have a more educated, sophisticated and intelligent workforce? The actual size of this leadership issue hit me only recently when a banking leader said to me “Rob, how many really good leaders have you had in your career”. I said many, I worked for some fabulous inspiring leaders at my times at KPMG, Apple and HP for a start. My answer left him somewhat perplexed. He said that his experience was not as rich as mine with leaders and especially leaders in todays banking world. His view was that there was such a lack of leadership that he could not rely upon the so called leaders coaching best practice during customer engagements or in the office that he was forced to provide the best practice via online means. Leadership guru and my mentor John Maxwell says, “A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” through their everyday actions and values. While I am a big supporter of online learning, I honestly believe that there is no substitute for learning on the tools as it were from a seasoned experienced leader. Can you imagine an AFL or NRL player been only exposed to Playstation and never getting to play for true leaders such as a Cameron Smith, Jonathan Thurstons, Adam Goodes or Jobe Watson. So yes leadership can be taught, it has to be taught and we must find a way to build more leadership talent.

Everyone in some way in their life is a leader, you certainly don’t need a business cars, Linkedin title or corner office to be a leader, in fact its often the opposite. I believe we should start teaching leadership principles such as respect, diversity, communication and coaching skills early in peoples careers and frankly even at a post grad level. I will John Maxwell have the final word as he often does. He states quite correctly that “If you are leading from the front but no one if following you are merely taking a walk by your self”.

The role of leadership should be to set the “LAD”. That is L is for Leadership. The Leaders sets vision, the why before the what. The A is for Ability. Leaders need to ensure their people have the ability to execute on the strategy. D is for Discipline. Leaders need to finally ensure management practices are in place to ensure the vision is delivered.

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Sales is a role that is often misinterpreted and often the subject of bad press yet it is one of the most important professions and certainly one of the most rewarding for those who are successful at it. Firstly let me say this. Sales is a noble profession. The definition of a professional is someone who continues trains and invests in their career. Sales is a role that demands constant investment in learning. Learning about communication skills, selling strategy, client buying patterns, the products and services you market.

Many people hire what they think are sales people however they turn out to be no more than professional order takers. Order takers have a role too but mostly there role today is being taken by a website or e-commerce engine. True sales is where you work with another person or persons to demonstrate that the value of your products, services or solution to them outweighs the investment they have to make to acquire it. Negotiation typically follows the sales process and is the amount of value you get to keep from that transaction. Above all whether you are selling complex technology to Rio Tinto or products at a Pharmacy you need to approach each and every sale from a win- win perspective. This means you need to approach every transaction with the view that is your solution or what they are asking for is not a good match for you or them you will not proceed and withdraw elegantly. The reason for this is that in over 25 years in sales and marketing I have never met a business owner or sales professional who has not got at least some clients they wish they didn’t. Win Win works but not every opportunity represents win win and its the experienced sales professionals who can pick them better than most that end up with better clients and not surprisingly more time to spend with them.