Case Study One – Global Logistics – Increase Key Account Grow & Retention

We have worked with one of Australia’s most recognised logistics businesses in designing a process and supplying tools for use by Key Account Managers, Operations Managers and other cross functional team members to drive higher key account retention and growth through providing insight, perspective and aligned new ideas to enhance their clients supply chain management ROI. This program has been embraced across the organisation and importantly was led by the senior leadership at the highest level.

Case Study Two – International Auction House – Increase Win Rates with Key Accounts

We were engaged after a rigourous procurement process to assist the business which had experienced a period of change, instability in the key accounts team to provide a one way-same way process for acquiring & managing key accounts. This included the design of workshops, programs, integration into CRM and recruitment profiling of key account managers. We have also engaged on a coaching program for the sale leaders and the leaders of leaders to ensure the new systems and processes are adopted and long term results are further ensured.