Case Study 1 – Professional Sales Skills

Media – Sales Training Program Objective: Develop Nationwide Media Sales Team Professional Selling Skills

We were contracted to develop and deliver a training and professional development course over six months to 800 sales staff and move them from having only a transaction based relationship with customers to being a trusted provider professional solutions for customers.

The program put together with key partner Bill Lang International involved the roll out of the Professional Media Consultant™ over a period of several months backed up with monthly podcasts, competitive updates and weekly e-bulletins to reinforce key learning’s.

Case Study 2  Sales & Presentation Skills

Entertainment  – Develop and deliver a unique presentation and sales skills program

One of Australia’s fastest growing young companies with the majority of the sales team under 25. As their sales and product line grew its passionate young team needed to develop presentation skills and major account selling skills to take the business to the next level.

After reviewing a number of regular training organisations we were selected to develop a version of its Power Presentations™ program for the young and edgy sales team. The customised program brought out their passion for the company yet provided a confident selling style that each of the participants could use to suit their own styles and product lines.

Case Study 3 Commercial Finance - Develop a marketing strategy to raise the brand profile and deliver sales leads

A 30 year plus provider of commercial finance in Australia wanted to break through to the next level of revenue and profitability and provide a growing company with additional career options for its existing team of consultants and support staff.

Interlease engaged us to conduct a review of the business and provide a sales driven marketing strategy forward.

This review identified key clients, influencers and referral partners for Interlease and we then provided a communication plan for these groups.

In addition we developed a marketing plan and new marketing materials including online, pr and advertising strategy designed to maximize the return from all marketing spending.

“Interlease needed  more quality sales leads not more leads which traditional advertising was delivering. Interlease working with Rob Hartnett set down to analyse where its highest quality leads were coming from.Once this was done it segmented its database into three key groups and designed marketing materials tailored to the unique needs of these three segments and educational guides about commercial finance to assist these segments with a better understanding of what can be a confusing area.The result has been an increase in response from the three key segments, a better understanding of what Interlease can offer in the market place and strong high quality sales leads.”

Andrew Sutherland Director Interlease Company Pty Ltd